I'm going to echo Margiebonz's advice and say, just go on some crappy dates. It helps to be actively deciding to to settle— it really does wonders for your self esteem— and the better you feel the more attractive you'll be to the right kind of people! » 7/06/14 9:40am 7/06/14 9:40am

hey guys! quick question— i got invited to a bachelorette party by a coworker that i do not know very well. she is a very sweet girl, and i am thrilled to celebrate with her (i'm understandably not invited to the wedding). is a heartfelt card enough? or do i need to bring a gift. it's at a swanky bar— can i buy her a… » 5/31/14 9:25pm 5/31/14 9:25pm

My best friend is mad at me for teasing him about a girl, since i know he's been going through some crap with an ex recently. i was trying to be playfully encouraging and it came off as cold. so i'm binge-watching Mad Men and snacking on my own foot. why can't i just be peggy olson?? » 5/25/14 7:26pm 5/25/14 7:26pm